It is a Tragedy beyond Words

Earthquake, Floods, Corruption, Insults

My Dear Haitian Friends,

I am in awe of your Strength and Dignity 

Do not allow Intolerance and Ignorance

to Shape your View of the World

I stand beside you

I Respect you with all my Heart

Fonkoze Humanitarian Aid and the dignity and Strength of Haiti

2010 Earthquake Strength and Dignity of the Haitians

The Refugee Crisis

All Lives Matter

Please call, You can Help

Humanitarian photojournalist, Darcy Kiefel





Humanitarian  Photojournalist, Darcy Kiefel

Creating Change

Through Images and Words

Humanitarian Photojournalist, Darcy Kiefel

Traveling the World 

Hoping to make a Change through Images and Words

United Colors of the World

United We Shall Stand

There is a Garden in every Childhood
an Enchanted Place where Colors are Brighter,
Air is Softer, and the 
Morning more Fragrant than Ever…
*Elizabeth Lawrence
Darcy Kiefel, World Photography
Humanitarian Photojournalist
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