Nobody can capture the “voice” of a family like Darcy. She can turn any photo session into a laughing matter and provide photos one will treasure for the rest of one’s life. Thank you

Darcy was there for our wedding, and did such an amazing job that we had her come and photograph our family. She is an amazing photographer who truly captured my daughters as they naturally are. I couldn’t be happier with her work.

Kiefel Photography did an AMAZING job capturing our wedding!! Darcy and her team worked SO SO SO hard the ENTIRE day.  Our pictures are perfect!

Darcy has a unique style and vision. Her obvious passion for her subjects breathes life into each photograph. On top of that she’s patient, fun, and just a pleasure to work with!

The greatest compliment is a return customer. Am I right?! Darcy did such a wonderful job with our son’s senior photos that we came back for family photos a year later. Darcy’s calm and relaxed demeanor puts everyone at ease and enables her to capture those relaxed moments in between the posed moments. I love Darcy’s work, and would recommend her for any event.

Darcy did an incredible job at our wedding. It was lovely to have her as a part of our day, and the pictures captured the really important moments. To this day, we remember the genuine feeling and emotion of our wedding day every time we look at the pictures, because Darcy captured it perfectly. We highly recommend her!

We have worked with Darcy several times and are always happy with the experience and results. We find that Darcy is able to make you feel comfortable enough to capture some great moments while her understanding of natural light adds a special quality to her photos. 
We’re looking forward to our next session!

We appreciate all Darcy and her team did, and we will cherish the pictures for years to come! A bonus is that Darcy takes the time to really get to know you and learn what style and feel you want to capture in your photos. I also love her appreciation for making the pictures she takes look natural. Definitely hire her!

I have been a fan of Darcy’s work since back in her career as a cycling photographer.  When I found out 18 years ago that she would be willing to shoot our wedding I was so excited!  In our wedding shots, as with all that Darcy shoots, she was able to completely capture the essence and emotions of the moment.  Her composition and technical abilities are top notch, but I think it is her ability to sense the feeling of the event, and the personality of the subjects… the periods of time within that event and to capture that forever in a perfectly timed shot that set her apart.  I highly recommend that you use Darcy for you wedding, portrait, special event etc…She is the best!!

Darcy and her team photographed our wedding this fall and I could never have asked for anything better. She did such a great job understanding exactly what we were looking for from our wedding photos: natural beauty. Darcy got to know my husband and I personally, but also went out of her way to make both of our families and guests feel totally comfortable in front of the camera. All of the pictures are so effortlessly gorgeous. She is not only a wonderful photographer, but she is the perfect kind of calm energy that you want to surround yourself with on your wedding day. She is so patient, understanding, and so creative.

Thank you for everything Darcy!

I can’t say enough amazing things about Darcy!  First of all she was a life-savor for my wedding in November when my original photographer broke her knee a week or so out and had found Darcy as our replacement.  I was a little nervous at first working with a completely new photographer so close to the wedding but after meeting with her and having a delightful conversation she put my mind at ease.  It was truly a blessing to be matched with such an amazing photographer!  Everything happens for a reason, right!?

Our wedding photos came out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!  She really captured our unique personalities and did everything in her power to make sure we got all the special request photos that we wanted.

Darcy has tons of energy with down-to-earth characteristics.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Darcy does beautiful work!  She was available to meet during our wedding planning process which was helpful to alleviate any stress we were feeling and she was excited with us.  Darcy walked us through her vision and ideas for important moments to capture; she was collaborative and flexible if we were thinking something different.  It is very clear that this is her passion which is what we were looking for in a photographer and it shows in her work.

On the day of our wedding, we received compliments from our family and friends about Darcy.  Most of which were that she was extremely pleasant, energetic, fun and did not disrupt the celebration.  Many people said they didn’t notice her.  I appreciated the combination of posed and action shots (I don’t know what else to call them) as this was something important for us since our loved ones are not usually in the same place at the same time.

She does a wonderful job of working with the natural lighting, our wedding was late afternoon.  I also loved our night time photos.  Check out her website, the photos are consistent of her work.

Thank you, Darcy for capturing our wedding day so beautifully!

Darcy photographed our wedding in Keystone.  We absolutely loved her.  She totally captured the beauty of the venue and the special moments of our wedding.  She was very professional and worked excellent around the schedule of our day.  I would recommend her to anyone, you can’t go wrong.

Darcy is an extremely talented photographer that cares very deeply about each and every client. She is very professional in her approach and always takes a genuine interest in getting to know everyone to make sure the end product matches expectations. She did a wonderful job on both of my kids Senior portraits. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone contemplating her services!

Darcy Kiefel is a fantastic wedding photographer. What sets Darcy apart is the way that she is able to capture the moments of love and laughter that happen throughout the day. She can read people and she senses when emotions are bubbling to the surface so that she can capture the perfect shot of you laughing with your husband, crying during the toasts, and celebrating with your family. Darcy shot my wedding in July 2012 and her price point was extremely competitive. It was wonderful that for the same price that other photographers may provide only four hours of service, she was able to be at the wedding all day. It also allowed for pictures at two venues — the hotel in downtown where we were getting ready and the park where we got married.

Darcy’s packages include two shooters (which is definitely recommended because there are so many great moments and people to capture).  We got nearly 1000 pictures from Darcy and her team from the wedding. I gave her four stars only because I am a terribly tough grader, and also because Darcy prefers communicating by phone (great if that is your style), but it was sometimes tough because I was planning the wedding from a different time zone and during a very busy work schedule. Despite her preference for the phone though, she would email when necessary, so it all worked out.

I just can’t say enough great things about Darcy Kiefel! I was so happy and honored that Darcy was able to photograph my son, Zac, for his senior photos. I didn’t just want a photo… It was very important for me to capture Zac’s love of Colorado, the outdoors, his dog and his heart. It was evident from the beginning of the photo shoot that it was going to be a great day doing exactly that!!! My son wasn’t thrilled about doing this and by the end of our first day, he was loving it and having fun!!! It was amazing!!! Our dog had a great time too!!! Zac’s photos will be treasured moments in time for many years to come. Initially, when I was looking for a photographer, I really studied the photos on each person’s website. What I loved about Darcy’s photos was that she photographed from the heart. Each photo seemed to tell a story of that particular person or family. They weren’t staged and boring… They took a slice of everyday life and turned it into a magical moment. I also know she spends lots of time photographing in over 65 countries for humanitarian organizations worldwide; resulting with the honor of a United Nations exhibition in New York City. That takes a special person with a big heart! I really admire and respect this about Darcy. She definitely takes great pride in photographing the lives, loves, and laughters of each of her clients! I highly recommend her for your special moment!!

Darcy has a way with working with the people she photographs that brings out the natural beauty in them. I see this in all her work, but my all time favorites are the photos she took for Heifer International. These photos, many of them of children from different cultures around the world, capture the essence of the work of Heifer International, an anti-hunger organization. The gorgeous portraits of the recipients from this program steals your heart. I keep a book of them on my coffee table to show off to friends.

Kiefel Photography did an AMAZING job capturing our wedding this summer!! Darcy and her team worked SO SO SO hard the ENTIRE day of our wedding (I almost felt bad at times for how hard they were working to capture the perfect shot and to not miss a single thing). But their hard work definitely shows in the pictures! Our pictures are perfect. We appreciate all Darcy and her team did, and we know we will cherish the pictures for years to come! A bonus is that Darcy takes the time to really get to know you and learn what style/feel you are wanting to capture in your photos. I also love her appreciation for making the pictures she takes look natural.

Definitely hire her! Thanks for everything Kiefel Photography!

Darcy photographed our wedding and engagement photos. The pictures are absolutely stunning! I would highly recommend her to any bride-to-be! Engagement photos are included in the package.