It is a Tragedy beyond Words

Earthquake, Floods, Corruption, Insults

My Dear Haitian Friends,

I am in awe of your Strength and Dignity 

Do not allow Intolerance and Ignorance

to Shape your View of the World

I stand beside you

I Respect you with all my Heart

Fonkoze Humanitarian Aid and the dignity and Strength of Haiti

2010 Earthquake Strength and Dignity of the Haitians

Our Sweet Cambodian girl and her Gift.

Providing milk for her family and community.

Help Those in Need and Donate Now…

Darcy Kiefel, Humanitarian Photojournalist 


Kiefel Photography Humanitarian Photojournalist end Hunger Now

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Kiefel Photography Humanitarian Photojournalist

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Our little Nepali Beauty and Women’s Project

Kiefel Photography Humanitarian Images for the Holidays

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The Refugee Crisis

All Lives Matter

Please call, You can Help

Humanitarian photojournalist, Darcy Kiefel





Humanitarian  Photojournalist, Darcy Kiefel

Creating Change

Through Images and Words

Recently, Humanitarian Photojournalist Darcy Kiefel traveled to Belgrade, Serbia

**UNHCR Report:

‘In several abandoned warehouses near the main train station in Belgrade, Serbia, roughly 1 200 refugees, predominantly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, are surviving in shocking hygienic conditions and low temperatures.

Insufficiently dressed, they are sleeping under grey blankets and burning practically any flammable materials, including plastic and polystyrene, in improvised brick stoves to keep warm. As a consequence, the smoke-filled halls are full of very acrid, bad air that is almost unbreathable.  In addition to frostbite, many of the residents also are experiencing breathing difficulties as a result of smoke inhalation. Most have lived in the abandoned warehouses for more than four months.

“Sometimes at night I can’t feel my feet, but I do my best to sleep despite that,” said Bilal, a 14-year-old unaccompanied minor, orginally from Afghanistan, who has been living at the station for the last four months. Most refugees in the warehouses say they have attempted to cross countless times, only to be beaten and pushed back into Serbia. “The smugglers took all my money, the others beat me,” says Bilal, who says he fled the violence happening near his home in Afghanistan after his father was murdered. Nevertheless, an estimated 1 200 males, including roughly 300 boys who are in Serbia without any other family members, are camped in the abandoned, smoke-filled warehouses near the main train station. “It’s not good here, and I’m absolutely on my own. We’re all ill,” 13-year-old Kochel of Afghanistan told us.’ 

PLEASE HELP!!! Consider a Monetary Donation or Volunteering.






Humanitarian Photojournalist, Darcy Kiefel

Traveling the World 

Hoping to make a Change through Images and Words

United Colors of the World

United We Shall Stand

There is a Garden in every Childhood
an Enchanted Place where Colors are Brighter,
Air is Softer, and the 
Morning more Fragrant than Ever…
*Elizabeth Lawrence
Darcy Kiefel, World Photography
Humanitarian Photojournalist
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