Such a Beautiful Wedding

Wedgewood at Boulder Creek

The couple, their families and all the LOVE

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Wedgewood at Boulder Creek Summer Wedding

Kiefel Photography Weddings

We are SO Fortunate to Capture the Moments

with Couples as Beautiful and Sweet as Jack and Sophie

We wish you a Lifetime of Happiness, Love and Light…

Lyons Farmette Wedding with Kiefel Photography

Beautiful Lyons Farmette Wedding Celebration

Kiefel Photography and Your Wedding

Boettcher Mansion, Golden, Winter Park,

Rocky Mountains, Denver, Boulder,

Lyons and Estes Park…

We love what we do!

Hands down, one of my Favorite Couples Ever…

Congratulations, Brice and Emily

We are all SO Happy for you

PS Beautiful Bride

582A6284 Brice and Emily 113 582A6283 Brice and Emily 49 Brice and Emily 33 582A6313 582A6309 582A6370 Brice and Emily 147 Brice and Emily 116 Brice and Emily 198 Brice and Emily 155 582A6430 582A6354 Brice and Emily 210 Brice and Emily 234 Brice and Emily 239 Brice and Emily 178 582A6757 Brice and Emily 282 582A6373 582A6314-2 Brice and Emily 186 582A6644 582A7204 Brice and Emily 348 Brice and Emily 424 582A6814 Brice and Emily 478 Brice and Emily 484 Brice and Emily 491 Brice and Emily 517 Brice and Emily 547 Brice and Emily 584 Brice and Emily 627 Brice and Emily 635 Brice and Emily 649 Brice and Emily 1024 Brice and Emily 1092 Brice and Emily 1066 Brice and Emily 1125 Brice and Emily 1305 Brice and Emily 1192 Brice and Emily 887 582A7163

Beautiful Fall Lionsgate Wedding
with Ricky and Britney
Thanks to Alex and the Lionsgate team

Ricky and Britt 3 Ricky and Britt 35 Ricky and Britt 73 Ricky and Britt 135 Ricky and Britt 117 Ricky and Britt 179 Ricky and Britt 197 Ricky and Britt 287 Ricky and Britt 301 Ricky and Britt 354 Ricky and Britt 363 Ricky and Britt 410 Ricky and Britt 399 Ricky and Britt 454 Ricky and Britt 458 Ricky and Britt 470 Ricky and Britt 491 Ricky and Britt 927 Ricky and Britt 496 Ricky and Britt 600 Ricky and Britt 611 Ricky and Britt 635Ricky and Britt 655 Ricky and Britt 728 Ricky and Britt 846 Ricky and Britt 805 Ricky and Britt 816 Ricky and Britt 894 Ricky and Britt 874 Ricky and Britt 959 Ricky and Britt 944 Ricky and Britt 1098 Ricky and Britt 1118 Ricky and Britt 1120 Ricky and Britt 1071 Ricky and Britt 1204 Ricky and Britt 390

Beautiful Lionsgate Wedding

with so much Love and Emotion

Chris and Alexis…

Kiefel Photography wishes you a Lifetime of Happiness

Chris and Alexis 448 Chris and Alexis 28 Chris and Alexis 70 Chris and Alexis 180 Chris and Alexis 229 Chris and Alexis 264 Chris and Alexis 299 Chris and Alexis 573 Chris and Alexis 579 Chris and Alexis 608 Chris and Alexis 616 Chris and Alexis 713 Chris and Alexis 732 Chris and Alexis 640 Chris and Alexis 737 Chris and Alexis 777 Chris and Alexis 809 Chris and Alexis 876 Chris and Alexis 384 Chris and Alexis 890 Chris and Alexis 955 Chris and Alexis 972 Chris and Alexis 1010 Chris and Alexis 927 Chris and Alexis 340 Chris and Alexis 358 Chris and Alexis 407 Chris and Alexis 312 Chris and Alexis 327 Chris and Alexis 1359 Chris and Alexis 1446 Chris and Alexis 1512

Destination Mountain Wedding

in Estes Park with the Sweetest Couple ever…

William and Stephanie,

Thank you for allowing Kiefel Photography

to Capture Your Very Special Day

Will and Steph 548 Will and Steph 1 Will and Steph 46 Will and Steph 111 Will and Steph 39 Will and Steph 84 Will and Steph 252 Will and Steph 484 Will and Steph 327 Will and Steph 418 Will and Steph 443 Will and Steph 448 Will and Steph 432 Will and Steph 369 Will and Steph 521

What can we say?

Ellie and Brian’s Wedding was not only a Celebration of their LOVE

but of dear Family and Friends at Boettcher Mansion

Beautiful Venue, Beautiful Nature

Beyond BEAUTIFUL Bride…


Brian and Ellie 29 Brian and Ellie 101 Brian and Ellie 108 Brian and Ellie 147 Brian and Ellie 72 Brian and Ellie 159 Brian and Ellie 1216 Brian and Ellie 1257 Brian and Ellie 482 Brian and Ellie 908 Brian and Ellie 870 Brian and Ellie 1030 Brian and Ellie 998 Brian and Ellie 1036 Brian and Ellie 954 Brian and Ellie 1238 Brian and Ellie 838 Brian and Ellie 810 Brian and Ellie 1308 Brian and Ellie 1457 Brian and Ellie 1534 Brian and Ellie 1289 Brian and Ellie 1552 Brian and Ellie 1246