Holiday Family Portraits

in Boulder and Winter Park


from Kiefel Photography

We love what we do and it Shows!

Winter Park and Boulder Holiday Family Portraits

HoHoHo Holidays around the Corner

Boulder Family Portraits

in the Winter Sun (or Snow)!

Boulder, Colorado Family Holiday Portraits

Holiday Portraits with Kiefel Photography

Call Soon for Availability!


Winter Park and Boulder Holiday Sessions with Kiefel Photography

Boulder Holiday Family Portraits

Kiefel Photography Family Portraits


A Special 50th Anniversary

Chautauqua Park in the Golden Light

Holiday Sessions, Fall Colors, 50th Anniversary Portraits

Kiefel Photography Holiday Family Portraits at Chautauqua Park

Kiefel Photography Family Portrait Session 

CU Boulder Beauty, Julia

The Sky’s the Limit…

Family Portraits in Fall Golden Light

Kiefel Photography Family Portrait Session in Boulder


Happy Holidays and

Congrats to Ryan and Amanda!

Getting Hitched next Summer…

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Senior and Holiday Family Portrait Time…

LOVE this Family

and LOVE photographing in

Our Beloved Winter Park Playground

And no, Maisie was not cold

She’s a Mountain Girl

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Holiday Portraits and Christmas Cheer

with Kiefel Photography

What a Beautiful Family…

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