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Fun Loving Harley Riders

Trevor and Liz

Can’t wait for your Wedding…

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Hands down, one of my Favorite Couples Ever…

Congratulations, Brice and Emily

We are all SO Happy for you

PS Beautiful Bride

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Save the Date!

Michelle and Mike are getting Hitched

and Kiefel Photography will be there…

Mike and Mich 18 Mike and Mich 46 Mike and Mich 154 Mike and Mich 107 Mike and Mich 146 Mike and Mich 194 Mike and Mich 212 Mike and Mich 90 Mike and Mich 218

Save the Date

with Kiefel Photography

Ryan and Cassie are Getting Married!

You Two are Adorable….



Ryan and Cassie 22

Ryan and Cassie 253 Ryan and Cassie 29 Ryan and Cassie 75 Ryan and Cassie 113 Ryan and Cassie 208 Ryan and Cassie 235 Ryan and Cassie 119 Ryan and Cassie 186


Beautiful Fall Lionsgate Wedding
with Ricky and Britney
Thanks to Alex and the Lionsgate team

Ricky and Britt 3 Ricky and Britt 35 Ricky and Britt 73 Ricky and Britt 135 Ricky and Britt 117 Ricky and Britt 179 Ricky and Britt 197 Ricky and Britt 287 Ricky and Britt 301 Ricky and Britt 354 Ricky and Britt 363 Ricky and Britt 410 Ricky and Britt 399 Ricky and Britt 454 Ricky and Britt 458 Ricky and Britt 470 Ricky and Britt 491 Ricky and Britt 927 Ricky and Britt 496 Ricky and Britt 600 Ricky and Britt 611 Ricky and Britt 635Ricky and Britt 655 Ricky and Britt 728 Ricky and Britt 846 Ricky and Britt 805 Ricky and Britt 816 Ricky and Britt 894 Ricky and Britt 874 Ricky and Britt 959 Ricky and Britt 944 Ricky and Britt 1098 Ricky and Britt 1118 Ricky and Britt 1120 Ricky and Britt 1071 Ricky and Britt 1204 Ricky and Britt 390

2015 Holy Family Senior Emma

Beautiful inside and out

Beautiful Dancer

You GO Girl

2015 Holy Family Senior Emma3 2015 Holy Family Senior Emma3 beautiful outdoor senior portrait beautiful outdoor senior portrait

One of Kiefel Photography’s absolute favorite estate weddings.
With sunshine, wind and rain, Bree and Casey’s Special Day was just that.
Your love, your smiles, your friends and family were the best ever!

Casey and Bree 425 Casey and Bree 109 Casey and Bree 91 Casey and Bree 87

C and B 2

With the start of another wedding season and to this day, Lizy and Russell, your Special Day was one of our most Special ever…And it wasn’t just because you brought a little red truck!

Close up of rustic pot of flowers and bride play with little girl at her wedding in Longmont, Colorado beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Little flower girl and ring bearer at a Longmont farm-to-table wedding outside in Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Bride tears up as she looks into her groom beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

(Left side) Close up shot of a bridal bouquet. (Right side) Bride and groom together outside on their wedding day in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Creative group shot of the bridal party sitting on the back of a beautiful red truck outside in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Pink roses and detail shots of wedding rings with thumbprint in the wedding ring. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Close up portrait of bride and groom on their Colorado wedding day. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

(left side) Groom kissing his bride on the shoulder in a truck with a red leather steering wheel. (Right side) Broom leaning against a red truck on his wedding day. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Two men in coordinated suits jump and dance at a wedding reception in Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Black and white shot of a bride and groom walking through a field together in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Bride and groom kissing seated on the tailgate of a red truck. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Hands down the most enthusiastic bride we’ve ever had!! Absolutely NO sitting still for Sarah at Boulder’s St. Julien Hotel & Spa… Not even a second. There were no wedding day jitters, she was just simply ecstatic for the ‘Mrs’ status.

Every minute of Sarah and Colin’s summer wedding was pure fun and laughter for Kiefel Photography and staff.

Betsy, Mike and staff of Lyon’s Farmette, we LOVE you more and more along with your furry animal friends. Jolene from Calluna Events, you made the day go sooo smoothly. Thank you for your smiles, patience and incredible talent.

Colin and Sarah 85 Colin and Sarah 208 Colin and Sarah 174 Colin and Sarah 130 Colin and Sarah 115 Colin and Sarah 93