Kiefel Photography Family Photo Session

in the Mountains and Ski Town 

of Snowy Winter Park, Colorado

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Having a Baby?

Beautiful Maternity Photos

with Kiefel Photography

Front Range, Mountains, Farms, at your Home

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It’s a Lifestyle!


Family Photos in the Colorado Rockies

with Kiefel Photography

Winter Park, Colorado

The Best Place to just be…


We LOVE Family Portrait Sessions!

and Adore this Family…


Holiday Portraits and Christmas Cheer

with Kiefel Photography

What a Beautiful Family…

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Christmas and Holiday Portraits


with Kiefel Photography

Adore this Beautiful Family


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Fun Photos in the Autumn Light


Ken and his Wonder Pup, Rocky


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Favorite Winter Park

Family Ever…

and misbehaving perfectly

Don and Allison 1 Don and Allison 362 Don and Allison 376 Don and Allison 50 Don and Allison 101 Don and Allison 346 Don and Allison 247 Don and Allison 107 Don and Allison 509 Don and Allison 188 Don and Allison 228 Don and Allison 260 Don and Allison 307 Don and Allison 326 Don and Allison 331 Don and Allison 455 Don and Allison 480 Don and Allison 485 Don and Allison 476 Don and Allison 505

Hey Patrick from Silver Creek! 

Photographing Senior Portraits with you and your mom yesterday?

Undoubtably the greatest ever… 

You’re the Best and nothing compares

to the Love of a Mom


Colorado senior photographer captures a young man about to graduate from high school patrick-silver-creek-high-school

Patrick at his Boulder photo session patrick-silver-creek-high-school

A young man taking his high school senior portrait in Boulder, Colorado patrick-silver-creek-high-school

Summer Fun with Becca and her family

in the Summer rain and sunshine

Can’t wait for the second half, Becca,

And your Senior Portraits


Family portrait photography in Boulder, Colorado beautiful-family

What a beautiful family taking their family portrait together in Boulder beautiful-family

Sweet family posing for pictures by Kiefel Photography in Colorado beautiful-family

A mother and daughter portrait in Colorado beautiful-family