Three Beautiful Holy Family Girls

Three Memorable Senior Portrait Sessions

over the Years

Love this Family

Love my Holy Family Seniors

Holy Family Senior Portraits with Kiefel Photo

Kiefel Photography and

Boulder High Graduating Senior Portraits

Capturing Your Spirit…Naturally

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Boulder High School Senior Portraits, Kiefel Photography and Boulder Seniors, Graduating Senior Portraits

Niwot High Senior Portraits

with Armen

You’re Simply the Best

You and your family too… of course



2017 Armen (NHS 309 2017 Armen (NHS 434 2017 Armen (NHS 386 2017 Armen (NHS 276 2017 Armen (NHS 321 2017 Armen (NHS 474 2017 Armen (NHS 422 2017 Armen (NHS 362 2017 Armen (NHS 381 2017 Armen (NHS 366

Boulder High Senior Portraits

with Logan

The Sky’s the Limit…

2017 Logan P 25 2017 Logan P 81 2017 Logan P 77 2017 Logan P 22 2017 Logan P 102 2017 Logan P 100


Arvada West High School Senior Graduates

Kiefel Photography is filling up FAST!

Emily, Wishing you the Best Year Ever…

2016 Emily K (AW 10 2016 Emily K (AW 49 2016 Emily K (AW 69 2016 Emily K (AW 82 2016 Emily K (AW 90 2016 Emily K (AW 92 2016 Emily K (AW 97

First it was Senior Portraits with beautiful Golden girl, Katie 

A couple years later came second super model, Riley

and the third?

That’s just Super Mom.

I adore your family soooo much

Thank you for a fun-filled Senior Portrait Summer Session

riley golden high school senior graduate golden colorado riley golden high school senior graduate with family riley golden high school senior graduate outdoor shoot