Niwot High Senior Portraits

with Golden Girl, Caroline

Kiefel Photography Tis the Season (still)

for Outdoor Senior Sessions!

Outdoor, Natural Senior Portraits

Outdoor Niwot High Senior Portraits

Oh how Kiefel Photography ADORES this Family!

We are so Lucky to Capture their Kind Spirits

Wishing you the BEST Senior Year, Joey

Kiefel Photography Broomfield Senior Portraits

Kiefel Photography 

and Fairview High Senior Portraits

Sky’s the Limit, Brendan…

Kiefel Photography Outdoor Senior Portraits

Fairview High Senior Portraits with Kiefel Photography, Summer Fun

Niwot High School Seniors and Class of 2018

Time for Senior Portraits with Kiefel Photography

Call NOW to Schedule and SAVE!!

Senior Portraits, High School Seniors. Class of 2018, Kiefel Photography award-winning senior portraits

Niwot Senior Portraits with Kiefel Photography, Niwot Seniors Sessions, Kiefel Photography Senior Portraits


Kiefel Photography Senior Portraits 

with Boulder Native, Louis

The Sky’s the Limit!



Senior Portraits and Kiefel Photography


So much fun blowing in the wind

with you, Maddie…

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Boulder High 2017 Graduate


Let the Sun SHINE in…

2017 Cassidy E 29 2017 Cassidy E 105 2017 Cassidy E 49 2017 Cassidy E 213 2017 Cassidy E 247 2017 Cassidy E 122 2017 Cassidy E 172 2017 Cassidy E 261 2017 Cassidy E 73 2017 Cassidy E 135

Boulder High Senior Portraits

with Logan

The Sky’s the Limit…

2017 Logan P 25 2017 Logan P 81 2017 Logan P 77 2017 Logan P 22 2017 Logan P 102 2017 Logan P 100

Maliea, how lucky were we?

Black Skies, Wind and Sunshine 

Thanks for your Patience and Long Flowing Hair!

2016 maliea graduating golden high school senior 2016 maliea graduating golden high school seniormaliea golden highschool graduating senior maliea golden highschool graduating senior lifestyle with mom

Niwot High School Graduating Senior

Kiefel Photography had so much fun with you, your mom and pup!

You’re a Shining Star

iwot high school senior portrait iwot senior portrait with dog. iwot high school senior portrait