Arvada West Graduating Senior


What a Great Guy you are….

2017 Aaron (AW 58 2017 Aaron (AW 8 2017 Aaron (AW 47 2017 Aaron (AW 3 2017 Aaron (AW 94

Boulder High Senior Portraits

with Logan

The Sky’s the Limit…

2017 Logan P 25 2017 Logan P 81 2017 Logan P 77 2017 Logan P 22 2017 Logan P 102 2017 Logan P 100

Boulder High Senior Portaits

and Logan

The Sky’s the Limit…

2017 Logan P 22 2017 Logan P 25 2017 Logan P 77 2017 Logan P 100 2017 Logan P 81

Niwot High Senior Portraits

with Golf Sensation


Wishing you Best of Luck

2017 Daniel (BH 68 2017 Daniel (BH 23 2017 Daniel (BH 43 2017 Daniel (BH 122 2017 Daniel (BH 30 2017 Daniel (BH 137 2017 Daniel (BH 55 2017 Daniel (BH 108 2017 Daniel (BH 83 2017 Daniel (BH 72 2017 Daniel (BH 99

Hey Patrick from Silver Creek! 

Photographing Senior Portraits with you and your mom yesterday?

Undoubtably the greatest ever… 

You’re the Best and nothing compares

to the Love of a Mom


Colorado senior photographer captures a young man about to graduate from high school patrick-silver-creek-high-school

Patrick at his Boulder photo session patrick-silver-creek-high-school

A young man taking his high school senior portrait in Boulder, Colorado patrick-silver-creek-high-school

Summer Fun with Becca and her family

in the Summer rain and sunshine

Can’t wait for the second half, Becca,

And your Senior Portraits


Family portrait photography in Boulder, Colorado beautiful-family

What a beautiful family taking their family portrait together in Boulder beautiful-family

Sweet family posing for pictures by Kiefel Photography in Colorado beautiful-family

A mother and daughter portrait in Colorado beautiful-family

It would be challenging to photograph with a Bride and Groom (and family)

more loving and caring than Jordan and Elise

What a Beautiful Wedding and soooo much fun

Kiefel Photography loved every second and wishes you

A Lifetime of Happiness

Colorado wedding

Colorado wedding

The bride getting ready for her wedding

First look as the bride walks up to the groom for him to see her for the first time

A special moment between the bride and groom as they see each other for the first time before the wedding

The flower girl walking down the aisle

The father of the bride walking her down the aisle at the Boulder Country Club during a June wedding

Summer Colorado wedding with Kiefel Photography

The newlywed couple dancing down the aisle

The official moment that the bride and groom are actually marriedA sister poses with the bride during her summer Colorado wedding