Boulder High Senior Portrait Sessions in Natural Light

with Kiefel Photography

Beat the Heat

Early Mornings or Late Evenings

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Boulder, Fairview, Niwot, Monarch


with Kiefel Photography

Make it FUN, make it Natural…

High School Graduating Seniors


Kiefel Photography Captures your Beauty… Naturally

Sessions still Available for Summer/Fall 2017

Kiefel Photography and Your Senior Portraits

Cherry Blossoms and Snow

Danica and Karen

Mom and Daughter

Golden Girls…

One of Denver’s Top Senior Portrait Photographers

 Darcy Kiefel

Capturing your Beauty…Naturally

Schedule Soon for Availability!!

Serving Front Range, Arvada West, Niwot, Broomfield, Boulder

Golden, Brighton, Highlands Ranch

High School Senior Portraits 

with Kiefel Photography

Boulder High, Fairview, Silver Creek, Monarch, Arvada West, Broomfield

Dawson, Niwot and more

Capturing your Beauty…Naturally

Schedule Soon for Availability!!


 Senior Portrait Time with Colorado Top Ten Senior Portrait 

Photographer, Darcy Kiefel

Contact or Call 720 289 3043

for Scheduling and Availability!



Senior and Holiday Family Portrait Time…

LOVE this Family

and LOVE photographing in

Our Beloved Winter Park Playground

And no, Maisie was not cold

She’s a Mountain Girl

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Fairview High Graduating Senior

and Class of 2017,


You’re the BEST


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Fairview High Senior Class of 2017


You are a Ray of Sunshine…

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