Tyler and Hayli

Proposed and Engaged

Winter Park, Colorado YaHOOOO

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2018 Devil Thumb Ranch Wedding

Winter Park Devil Thumb Ranch Proposal and Engagement with Kiefel Photo

Kiefel Photography Devil’s Thumb Ranch Proposal and Engagement

Winter Park, Colorado with

Kiefel Photography…Naturally

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Michelle and Mike are getting Hitched

and Kiefel Photography will be there…

Mike and Mich 18 Mike and Mich 46 Mike and Mich 154 Mike and Mich 107 Mike and Mich 146 Mike and Mich 194 Mike and Mich 212 Mike and Mich 90 Mike and Mich 218

And we wish Peace, Love, and a big piece of Chocolate

to Jody and Adam

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Your Special Day

A man and a woman pose for engagement photos in Boulder, Colorado save-date-special-evergreen-wedding

Adam and Jody save-date-special-evergreen-wedding

Thanks to Jenna and Scott for braving the cold with their gift Save the Date Session from Kiefel Photography in an enchanting Winter Wonderland. 

A Colorado couple laugh and look into each other jenna-scott
(Left side) Couple facing each other leaning against a sled outside in the winter snow at Chautauqua park. (Right side) Couple having fun sledding down a hill at Chautauqua Park. jenna-scott
(Left side) Close-up outside shot of a man with his arms wrapped around his fiancé in the snow at Chautauqua Park. (Right side) Sweater-clad couple kissing outside in the snow. jenna-scott