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Destination Weddings in Colorado with Kiefel Photography

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Kiefel Photography and Your Special Day

at the Beautiful Boettcher Mansion.

We Love what we do!

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Beautiful Fall Lionsgate Wedding
with Ricky and Britney
Thanks to Alex and the Lionsgate team

Ricky and Britt 3 Ricky and Britt 35 Ricky and Britt 73 Ricky and Britt 135 Ricky and Britt 117 Ricky and Britt 179 Ricky and Britt 197 Ricky and Britt 287 Ricky and Britt 301 Ricky and Britt 354 Ricky and Britt 363 Ricky and Britt 410 Ricky and Britt 399 Ricky and Britt 454 Ricky and Britt 458 Ricky and Britt 470 Ricky and Britt 491 Ricky and Britt 927 Ricky and Britt 496 Ricky and Britt 600 Ricky and Britt 611 Ricky and Britt 635Ricky and Britt 655 Ricky and Britt 728 Ricky and Britt 846 Ricky and Britt 805 Ricky and Britt 816 Ricky and Britt 894 Ricky and Britt 874 Ricky and Britt 959 Ricky and Britt 944 Ricky and Britt 1098 Ricky and Britt 1118 Ricky and Britt 1120 Ricky and Britt 1071 Ricky and Britt 1204 Ricky and Britt 390

What can we say?

Ellie and Brian’s Wedding was not only a Celebration of their LOVE

but of dear Family and Friends at Boettcher Mansion

Beautiful Venue, Beautiful Nature

Beyond BEAUTIFUL Bride…


Brian and Ellie 29 Brian and Ellie 101 Brian and Ellie 108 Brian and Ellie 147 Brian and Ellie 72 Brian and Ellie 159 Brian and Ellie 1216 Brian and Ellie 1257 Brian and Ellie 482 Brian and Ellie 908 Brian and Ellie 870 Brian and Ellie 1030 Brian and Ellie 998 Brian and Ellie 1036 Brian and Ellie 954 Brian and Ellie 1238 Brian and Ellie 838 Brian and Ellie 810 Brian and Ellie 1308 Brian and Ellie 1457 Brian and Ellie 1534 Brian and Ellie 1289 Brian and Ellie 1552 Brian and Ellie 1246

Kiefel Photography is coming out of Winter Hibernation!

In celebration of our last Season

We want to personally thank our 2014 Couples…

Wedding Day Bliss at Boulder’s St. Julien Hotel and Spa

We adore all our brides and grooms but

Take a peek, Jenna!

You and Scott are simply a Class Act              Boulder's St. Julien Bride getting readyGetting Ready celebration at St. Julien BoulderMother of The Boulder BrideBeautiful Bride holding Bouquet in BoulderBoulder Bride and Groom in mountain settingBoulder Bride and Groom in mountain setting

St. Julien wedding ceremony in Boulder

Boulder St. Julien Wedding with bride and groomBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebration

Boulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationElegant wedding reception at Boulder St. Julien Hotel and SpaElegant wedding reception at Boulder St. Julien Hotel and SpaElegant wedding reception at Boulder St. Julien Hotel and Spa

It would be challenging to photograph with a Bride and Groom (and family)

more loving and caring than Jordan and Elise

What a Beautiful Wedding and soooo much fun

Kiefel Photography loved every second and wishes you

A Lifetime of Happiness

Colorado wedding

Colorado wedding

The bride getting ready for her wedding

First look as the bride walks up to the groom for him to see her for the first time

A special moment between the bride and groom as they see each other for the first time before the wedding

The flower girl walking down the aisle

The father of the bride walking her down the aisle at the Boulder Country Club during a June wedding

Summer Colorado wedding with Kiefel Photography

The newlywed couple dancing down the aisle

The official moment that the bride and groom are actually marriedA sister poses with the bride during her summer Colorado wedding