Monarch Senior and Family Portraits 

with Kiefel Photography

Great Smiles all Around…

Kiefel Photography Senior Portrait Sessions

Monarch High Senior Portraits with Kiefel Photography, Outdoor locations, Family Included

Fairview High Senior Graduate, Emily

with Kiefel Photography

what a Star you Are!


Summer Senior Portraits, Outdoor Locations, Natural Light

Fairview High Senior Portraits with Award-Winning Kiefel Photography

Kiefel Photography Senior Portraits 

with Fairview High Senior, Telle

Beautiful Inside and Out

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We love what we do and it shows…

Kiefel Photography and Your Senior Portraits

Cherry Blossoms and Snow

Danica and Karen

Mom and Daughter

Golden Girls…

Kiefel Photography Senior Portraits in

Natural light, Natural Settings,

for Natural Beauty

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Silver Creek Senior Portraits

with Miguel

Thanks for braving the Winds on Saturday

and cold on Monday

What a great guy you are…

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Fairview High
Class of 2017, Jules
Beautiful inside and out…
2017 Ryan (HF 202 2017 Ryan (HF 177 2017 Ryan (HF 281 2017 Ryan (HF 163 2017 Ryan (HF 250 2017 Ryan (HF 154

Fairview High School Senior

and Class of 2017


You make the Sun Shine even Brighter…


2017 Olivia 111 2017 Olivia 54 2017 Olivia 113 2017 Olivia 65 2017 Olivia 80 2017 Olivia 155 2017 Olivia 127 2017 Olivia 165

Fairview High Senior Portraits
with twins Katherine and Keaton
All the BEST for your Senior Year


Kath and Keaton 123 Kath and Keaton 44 Kath and Keaton 156 Kath and Keaton 20 Kath and Keaton 88 Kath and Keaton 39 Kath and Keaton 178 Kath and Keaton 150 Kath and Keaton 8


Boulder High Senior Portraits

with Gracie

What a Star you are….

2017 Gracie L 113 2017 Gracie L 55 2017 Gracie L 3 2017 Gracie L 32 2017 Gracie L 151 2017 Gracie L 108 2017 Gracie L 49