Destination, Mountain, Farm to Table, LBGTQ, Intimate and Jewish Wedding

All Celebrations of your LOVE and Happiness

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Happy Holidays and

Congrats to Ryan and Amanda!

Getting Hitched next Summer…

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They’re Getting Hitched!

Congrats Josh and Erika

Kiefel Photography is excited to Capture

Your 2017 Intimate Lionsgate Wedding

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Save the Date!

Fun Loving Harley Riders

Trevor and Liz

Can’t wait for your Wedding…

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Hands down, one of my Favorite Couples Ever…

Congratulations, Brice and Emily

We are all SO Happy for you

PS Beautiful Bride

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Beautiful Lionsgate Wedding

with so much Love and Emotion

Chris and Alexis…

Kiefel Photography wishes you a Lifetime of Happiness

Chris and Alexis 448 Chris and Alexis 28 Chris and Alexis 70 Chris and Alexis 180 Chris and Alexis 229 Chris and Alexis 264 Chris and Alexis 299 Chris and Alexis 573 Chris and Alexis 579 Chris and Alexis 608 Chris and Alexis 616 Chris and Alexis 713 Chris and Alexis 732 Chris and Alexis 640 Chris and Alexis 737 Chris and Alexis 777 Chris and Alexis 809 Chris and Alexis 876 Chris and Alexis 384 Chris and Alexis 890 Chris and Alexis 955 Chris and Alexis 972 Chris and Alexis 1010 Chris and Alexis 927 Chris and Alexis 340 Chris and Alexis 358 Chris and Alexis 407 Chris and Alexis 312 Chris and Alexis 327 Chris and Alexis 1359 Chris and Alexis 1446 Chris and Alexis 1512

Destination Mountain Wedding

in Estes Park with the Sweetest Couple ever…

William and Stephanie,

Thank you for allowing Kiefel Photography

to Capture Your Very Special Day

Will and Steph 548 Will and Steph 1 Will and Steph 46 Will and Steph 111 Will and Steph 39 Will and Steph 84 Will and Steph 252 Will and Steph 484 Will and Steph 327 Will and Steph 418 Will and Steph 443 Will and Steph 448 Will and Steph 432 Will and Steph 369 Will and Steph 521

With the start of another wedding season and to this day, Lizy and Russell, your Special Day was one of our most Special ever…And it wasn’t just because you brought a little red truck!

Close up of rustic pot of flowers and bride play with little girl at her wedding in Longmont, Colorado beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Little flower girl and ring bearer at a Longmont farm-to-table wedding outside in Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Bride tears up as she looks into her groom beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

(Left side) Close up shot of a bridal bouquet. (Right side) Bride and groom together outside on their wedding day in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Creative group shot of the bridal party sitting on the back of a beautiful red truck outside in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Pink roses and detail shots of wedding rings with thumbprint in the wedding ring. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Close up portrait of bride and groom on their Colorado wedding day. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

(left side) Groom kissing his bride on the shoulder in a truck with a red leather steering wheel. (Right side) Broom leaning against a red truck on his wedding day. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Two men in coordinated suits jump and dance at a wedding reception in Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Black and white shot of a bride and groom walking through a field together in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Bride and groom kissing seated on the tailgate of a red truck. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Thanks to Jenna and Scott for braving the cold with their gift Save the Date Session from Kiefel Photography in an enchanting Winter Wonderland. 

A Colorado couple laugh and look into each other jenna-scott
(Left side) Couple facing each other leaning against a sled outside in the winter snow at Chautauqua park. (Right side) Couple having fun sledding down a hill at Chautauqua Park. jenna-scott
(Left side) Close-up outside shot of a man with his arms wrapped around his fiancé in the snow at Chautauqua Park. (Right side) Sweater-clad couple kissing outside in the snow. jenna-scott

At Chatfield Botanic Gardens, Claire and Mike celebrated not only their love, but their combined passion for music and singing. Your a cappella and opera talents blew everyone away, especially the Kiefel Photography staff.  Thank you for making your Special Day one of our most memorable of the season. 

And thanks to Jessica McTaggart of Pink Champagne Events for all of your hard work and smiles.

Pre-wedding bride getting ready with her mother and seated in front of a mirror

Pink-clad bridesmaids gather around bride smiling and happy on her Colorado wedding day

First glance series -- first time that groom sees bride in her wedding dress before the wedding.

Portrait of a happy bride and groom next to an antique car

Creative group portrait of a wedding party by Darcy Kiefel Photography

Bride and groom laugh and play with an adorable little girl.

Groom's parents prepare to be seated at their son's wedding in Littleton, Colorado

Bride and groom during their wedding ceremony in Littleton, Colorado

Just married bride and groom go for their first walk as husband and wife

Groom celebrates with his groomsmen after his wedding ceremony.

Beautifully backlit bride and groom walk together in a field with a mountain backdrop. This portrait by Darcy Kiefel illustrates her signature photographic style.

Overall shot of wedding reception guests gathered outdoors in a barnyard for a rustic farm-to-table wedding reception.

Flowers and a cd of a couple's personalized wedding mix

(Left side) Bridesmaid gets a piggyback ride on the shoulders of a groomsman. (Right side) Beautiful close up shot of a smiling bride in profile in front of a barn.

Group shot of wedding reception guests drinking and having fun.

Bride kisses a groom with cake frosting covering his nose.

Groom gives a heartfelt, funny toast to a bride.

Bridesmaids give a toast to bride and groom.

Bride and groom dance together at their wedding reception in Littleton, Colorado.