Congrats to Pam and Chris!

Save the Date, their Wedding is Coming Soon

Kiefel Photography can’t wait to

Capture their Special Day

Chautauqua Save the Date Portraits with Kiefel Photo

Kiefel Photography Engagement Sessions

Boulder Chautauqua Engagement Portraits

Kiefel Photo Save the Date Portraits

She said YES!

Congrats to David and Ashante

So much Love at this Mountain Proposal

with Family Sharing the Joy

Thank you for allowing Kiefel Photography

to Capture your Happiness…


Kiefel Photo Mountain Proposal, She Said YES

Kiefel Photography Mountain Wedding Proposal

Kiefel Photography ADORES you Micky and Kevin!!!

Although you look like college graduates,

Congrats on 25 YEARS of Marriage

I am so Lucky to Capture your Forever LOVE…

Kiefel Photo Boulder and Winter Park Family and Lifestyle Sessions

Family and Anniversary Portraits with Kiefel Photography

Kiefel Photography LOVES Graduation Portraits

with Seniors and their Families.

And what a BEAUTIFUL Family

Congrats, Alexis!!!!

Kiefel Photography Graduation Portraits with Family

Graduation Memories with Senior and Family Portraits


Celebration of  LOVE, LIGHT and HAPPINESS

And the Birth of one Special Being…

Congratulations CU Graduate

Majed from Saudi

Kiefel Photography wishes you 

A Lifetime of Happiness and Success!!


Boulder CU Graduate

Congrats to Sweet Kate!!!

Such Beauty and Happiness

Kiefel Photography wishes you the BEST

…because you’re the best 

University of Boulder (CU) Graduates

Senior Portrait Sessions


Two locations: CU Campus and Chautauqua Park

Family included in select images

Availability Limited so Call NOW!


“If having a soul means being able to

Feel Love and Loyalty and Gratitude,

then Animals are better off than a lot of Humans.”

*James Herriot