At Chatfield Botanic Gardens, Claire and Mike celebrated not only their love, but their combined passion for music and singing. Your a cappella and opera talents blew everyone away, especially the Kiefel Photography staff.  Thank you for making your Special Day one of our most memorable of the season. 

And thanks to Jessica McTaggart of Pink Champagne Events for all of your hard work and smiles.

Pre-wedding bride getting ready with her mother and seated in front of a mirror

Pink-clad bridesmaids gather around bride smiling and happy on her Colorado wedding day

First glance series -- first time that groom sees bride in her wedding dress before the wedding.

Portrait of a happy bride and groom next to an antique car

Creative group portrait of a wedding party by Darcy Kiefel Photography

Bride and groom laugh and play with an adorable little girl.

Groom's parents prepare to be seated at their son's wedding in Littleton, Colorado

Bride and groom during their wedding ceremony in Littleton, Colorado

Just married bride and groom go for their first walk as husband and wife

Groom celebrates with his groomsmen after his wedding ceremony.

Beautifully backlit bride and groom walk together in a field with a mountain backdrop. This portrait by Darcy Kiefel illustrates her signature photographic style.

Overall shot of wedding reception guests gathered outdoors in a barnyard for a rustic farm-to-table wedding reception.

Flowers and a cd of a couple's personalized wedding mix

(Left side) Bridesmaid gets a piggyback ride on the shoulders of a groomsman. (Right side) Beautiful close up shot of a smiling bride in profile in front of a barn.

Group shot of wedding reception guests drinking and having fun.

Bride kisses a groom with cake frosting covering his nose.

Groom gives a heartfelt, funny toast to a bride.

Bridesmaids give a toast to bride and groom.

Bride and groom dance together at their wedding reception in Littleton, Colorado.