Maliea, how lucky were we?

Black Skies, Wind and Sunshine 

Thanks for your Patience and Long Flowing Hair!

2016 maliea graduating golden high school senior 2016 maliea graduating golden high school seniormaliea golden highschool graduating senior maliea golden highschool graduating senior lifestyle with mom

Niwot High School Graduating Senior

Kiefel Photography had so much fun with you, your mom and pup!

You’re a Shining Star

iwot high school senior portrait iwot senior portrait with dog. iwot high school senior portrait

Kiefel Photography is coming out of Winter Hibernation!

In celebration of our last Season

We want to personally thank our 2014 Couples…

Wedding Day Bliss at Boulder’s St. Julien Hotel and Spa

We adore all our brides and grooms but

Take a peek, Jenna!

You and Scott are simply a Class Act              Boulder's St. Julien Bride getting readyGetting Ready celebration at St. Julien BoulderMother of The Boulder BrideBeautiful Bride holding Bouquet in BoulderBoulder Bride and Groom in mountain settingBoulder Bride and Groom in mountain setting

St. Julien wedding ceremony in Boulder

Boulder St. Julien Wedding with bride and groomBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebration

Boulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationBoulder St Julien Jewish wedding celebrationElegant wedding reception at Boulder St. Julien Hotel and SpaElegant wedding reception at Boulder St. Julien Hotel and SpaElegant wedding reception at Boulder St. Julien Hotel and Spa

Hey Patrick from Silver Creek! 

Photographing Senior Portraits with you and your mom yesterday?

Undoubtably the greatest ever… 

You’re the Best and nothing compares

to the Love of a Mom


Colorado senior photographer captures a young man about to graduate from high school patrick-silver-creek-high-school

Patrick at his Boulder photo session patrick-silver-creek-high-school

A young man taking his high school senior portrait in Boulder, Colorado patrick-silver-creek-high-school

Summer Fun with Becca and her family

in the Summer rain and sunshine

Can’t wait for the second half, Becca,

And your Senior Portraits


Family portrait photography in Boulder, Colorado beautiful-family

What a beautiful family taking their family portrait together in Boulder beautiful-family

Sweet family posing for pictures by Kiefel Photography in Colorado beautiful-family

A mother and daughter portrait in Colorado beautiful-family

Holy Family Senior Portraits!

Winds, rains, Noah’s Ark

Summertime Colorado…beautiful and typical,

Not such a typical girl but a trooper

Maddie, you Rock!

Beautiful lighting and beautiful woman during senior portraits in Boulder, Colorado check-holy-family-high-schools-maddie

Posing for high school senior portraits in Boulder, Colorado check-holy-family-high-schools-maddie

A woman taking senior pictures in Boulder, Colorado check-holy-family-high-schools-maddie

And we wish Peace, Love, and a big piece of Chocolate

to Jody and Adam

Congrats on your upcoming wedding

Kiefel Photography can’t wait to photograph

Your Special Day

A man and a woman pose for engagement photos in Boulder, Colorado save-date-special-evergreen-wedding

Adam and Jody save-date-special-evergreen-wedding

One of Kiefel Photography’s absolute favorite estate weddings.
With sunshine, wind and rain, Bree and Casey’s Special Day was just that.
Your love, your smiles, your friends and family were the best ever!

Casey and Bree 425 Casey and Bree 109 Casey and Bree 91 Casey and Bree 87

C and B 2

With the start of another wedding season and to this day, Lizy and Russell, your Special Day was one of our most Special ever…And it wasn’t just because you brought a little red truck!

Close up of rustic pot of flowers and bride play with little girl at her wedding in Longmont, Colorado beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Little flower girl and ring bearer at a Longmont farm-to-table wedding outside in Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Bride tears up as she looks into her groom beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

(Left side) Close up shot of a bridal bouquet. (Right side) Bride and groom together outside on their wedding day in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Creative group shot of the bridal party sitting on the back of a beautiful red truck outside in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Pink roses and detail shots of wedding rings with thumbprint in the wedding ring. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Close up portrait of bride and groom on their Colorado wedding day. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

(left side) Groom kissing his bride on the shoulder in a truck with a red leather steering wheel. (Right side) Broom leaning against a red truck on his wedding day. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Two men in coordinated suits jump and dance at a wedding reception in Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Black and white shot of a bride and groom walking through a field together in Longmont, Colorado. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography

Bride and groom kissing seated on the tailgate of a red truck. beautiful-longmont-farm-wedding-hot-summers-day-kiefel-photography